10 simple crochet patterns just in time for Valentine’s Day

It’s February again and Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! And if you’re anything like me, you may not have gotten around to finding gifts for your loved ones (or yourself!) yet. But don’t fret, there is still plenty of time to whip up some crocheted love for any valentine on your list. Here I have compiled a list of 10 simple, small, fun, and free projects you can make just in time for Valentine’s Day!

So cozy up, grab your hook, and let’s start crocheting!

1. Small Crochet Heart Earrings

2. Heart Bookmark

3. Heart & Soul Slippers

4. Little Hearts (perfect for a bouquet)

5. Crochet Hearts Hair Bow

6. Granny’s Valentine Bag

7. Sparkling Cloche

8. Heart-shaped Storage Baskets

9. Flying Hearts Mobile

10. Crochet Heart Scarf

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